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Scar Revision Surgery in Lucknow

Are you looking for Scar Revision Surgery in Lucknow? We, at ARTISAN, provide the Best Scar Revision Surgery in Lucknow. Excessive scar formation which may cause restricted movement can be repaired. Common scar formations include keloids, hypertrophic scars and contracture, scar revision includes;

  • Topical treatments such as gels, tapes or external compression can help in wound closure and healing, or to reduce the ability of skin to produce irregular pigment.
  • Injectable treatments are often used to fill depressed or concave scars
  • Surface treatments such as dermabrasion, laser, or light therapy, chemical peel solutions, or skin bleaching agents can improve scar appearance and texture
  • Excision to remove, narrow or change the direction of scar.
  • Pharmaceutical tissue substitutes may be used if ample, healthy tissue is present for closure of scar incision. Tissue expansion may be an alternative

Scar revision can be described as a surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance or quality of a surgical scar. The aim is to create the scar as minimal and as smooth as possible, and make the patient feel more at ease with how he or she looks after the surgery. It is also done to decrease the visibility of scars. Scar revision is such a common procedure that many celebrities are undergoing it in order to improve their overall physical appearance. Here are some of the common surgeries that revolve around revising scars.

A breast reduction can be performed to minimize the size of breasts that are too large for a person’s frame. This is one of the most common types of scar revision, which aims to redistribute the breast tissue, resulting to a more balanced appearance between the upper and lower parts of the body. In addition to the reduction of size, this kind of surgery can also be done to correct the positioning of breasts. This is due to a variety of reasons, from a deformity in the breasts to excessive breast tissue. Most patients who undergo this procedure choose to have both upper and lower incisions.

Scar Revision Surgery in Lucknow

Liposuction is another cosmetic surgery that can significantly improve an unsightly bulge or excess fat in the abdomen. A skilled plastic surgeon procedure this procedure by making small incisions on specific body areas and removing skin and fat from them. This is an effective method that minimizes the appearance of belly fat. For instance, if you want to eliminate your navel bulge, then the area where your navel and stomach meet should be targeted, as opposed to the whole abdominal area.

Breast implants have been proven to give a more youthful appearance to patients suffering from sagging breasts. A skilled plastic surgeon procedure this kind of procedure by creating artificial implants that appear fuller and firmer. However, breast implants are not considered a permanent solution and must be replaced after several years. Therefore, scar revision surgery is performed to create a natural-looking fuller and firmer appearance.

A medical procedure known as liposuction uses a suction tube to suck out unwanted fat deposits from the body. The surgeon uses the suction tube to avoid any risks associated with needle insertion, such as infection, bleeding and nerve damage. A skilled medical practitioner will perform a scar revision procedure to remove excess skin and fat if required. However, liposuction is often combined with other surgical techniques.

Scar Revision Surgery in Lucknow

Tissue expansion is one of the most common surgeries used to correct visible scars. Tissue expansion uses the patient’s own fat cells to replace the fat layers surrounding the scars, giving a smoother appearance. If you suffer from spider veins or enlarged veins, then this procedure may be an effective way to improve your appearance.

A surgical procedure called chemical peel uses general anesthesia and a mild anesthetic to minimize any pain you may experience during the operation. The surgeon will use a small instrument to remove the top layers of skin in preparation for the chemical peels.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Lucknow

This is an effective method to remove the outer layers of skin, as it will increase the visibility of the scarred areas. However, the general anesthetic used makes it prone to side effects such as dizziness, numbness or even a stroke. A local anesthesia combined with general anesthesia can also minimize any pain you feel and help you heal faster after the surgery. After the chemical peel, you will have tiny scars on your skin that are the same color as the rest of your skin.

Laser surgery is another option used for scar revision. Light energy is used to reduce and fade the scars on your skin. It also reduces pore size, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. These types of surgeries are done using a hand-held laser device and can be done in minutes rather than hours.

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