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Ear Surgery in Lucknow

ARTISAN provides the best Ear Surgery in Lucknow. Absence of ear or ear with external deformity can be corrected with plastic surgery

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, refers to the non-invasive plastic surgical procedures for correcting the ears’ abnormalities and deformities and for constructing a more proper external auditory canal. Otoplasty is one of the procedures that are performed on children and adults, though it is a cosmetic surgery for adults only.

It is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon who is licensed to perform such surgeries. Otoplasty has its advantages as compared to other procedures for ear correction. This article will provide information on the advantages of ear surgery and will explain how it is done.

One of the advantages of ear surgery is that there are several ways through which it can be done. Depending upon the degree of the deformity, whether small or large ears, and the presence or absence of any protrusion, the procedure can be carried out in different ways. In some cases, the cartilage that is found naturally can be taken out and replaced with synthetic material, which is called otoplasty. 

Ear Surgery in Lucknow

The procedure may also involve the use of plastic or metal plates that are placed or fixed on the front side of the head, above the auditory nerve, to modify its shape. In some cases, the skin is removed from the ear’s tip, called a cauda equina, and a straight edge made of soft cloth is attached to it.

The procedure is generally done for cosmetic reasons, but some cases may also be necessary for improving hearing and speech. For small ears, otoplasty will help make them smaller. If there are any folds on the head, such as at the back of the ears, they will also be corrected. The position of the ear bones will also be corrected, by repositioning them into a more normal position by Ear surgery. Corrective procedures may also correct the appearance of the ears.

Ear Surgery in Lucknow

For most people, the cartilage will not have to be removed from the ears. If there are any significant folds or bulges, called a “hump” on the ear, they may need to be reduced. In some cases, where the prominence of the ear is prominent, the plastic surgery procedure may be combined with other procedures to make the most of the appearance of the ears.

Any problems with the ears, such as drooping eyelids or a “hump” on the ear can make a good candidate for the procedure. However, anyone who has experienced a trauma to their head or neck may want to reconsider getting otoplasty. Otoplasty should be considered only if there is no longer any need for correction of the ear folds, because the appearance of the ear may improve sufficiently on its own. A good aesthetic plastic surgeon should be able to assess the extent of any facial scarring, and decide whether or not a tummy tuck or a facelift would be a better option for correction.

Because ear surgery often addresses facial appearance, most patients choose to undergo the procedure on their noses. In most patients, cosmetic ear surgery reshapes the tip and nasal tip, as well as making the cartilage of the nose more stable. Reconstructive plastic surgery can also address small balance issues between the nose and cheeks, sculpting the nose so that it appears wider or smaller. Since this procedure is commonly performed to correct facial imbalances, anyone with a history of nose surgery may be a good candidate for otoplasty. Patients who desire a larger smile, or those with an unevenly shaped face may also want to consider reconstructive plastic surgery.

The length of time the ear heals before undergoing another surgery varies greatly, depending upon the type and degree of damage caused by the original procedure. Smaller incisions can be corrected with regular “top load” stitches, while larger incisions (and more frequent sutures) require “open chain stitch” surgery, which is a more complicated procedure where stitches are placed over multiple bones in the face, rather than being placed just inside the ear. For high-ankle areas such as the ones associated with the ears, “open chain” surgery is considered safest, although some patients do report a slight discomfort from the incisions.

Ear surgery may include any of these procedures, as part of a total aesthetic treatment for the ears, including rhinoplasty (nose), cartilage uplift, skin remodeling, facelift, blepharoplasty (ear lift) and otoplasty (to correct the shape of the nose). Some patients may choose to have one or more of these procedures done at the same time, to achieve the best overall appearance. Plastic surgeons can assess a patient’s personal case and recommend the best course of treatment. If you decide to undergo any of these procedures, remember to discuss your expectations with the plastic surgeon and research the plastic surgery websites to ensure the site is accurate and up-to-date.

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