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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Lucknow

WE, at Artisan, provide the Best Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Lucknow. Breast reconstruction if you lost a breast or were disfigured by mastectomy, several surgical techniques can be used to reconstruct a new breast. 

  • Flap technique forms a natural breast shape using donor sites whichmay include abdomen, back or buttocks
  • Implants can create a new breast mound.
  • Tissue expansion aids in the formation of new tissue when healthy tissue is inadequate after mastectomy to cover and support the breast implant
  • Nipple and areola reconstruction (pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) isachieve through additional grafting techniques and tattooing to provide areola colour.

Breast reconstruction is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed today. It is the reconstruction of a breast that has been destroyed by trauma, burns, or cancer. Breast reconstruction basically recreates the appearance of a damaged breast and its original shape and structure following a mastectomy or total removal of a breast because of some other disease or condition. Also, plastic surgeons occasionally perform a technique on the other side of the body to make a more natural-looking fit. The techniques are used not only to make the patient feel better about his or her appearance but also to increase self confidence.

In recent years, cosmetic breast reconstruction surgery has become much safer than the earlier techniques. New methods have been developed in order to create an artificial breast that closely resembles a natural breast. It is created by using a computerized system that replicates the mammary gland and surrounds it. When the desired size and shape are achieved, the entire surgery takes place under general anesthesia.

The results of the procedure can be life changing for some patients, but others may experience only slight changes. In addition, the procedure can be quite expensive and time consuming. Your plastic surgeon can discuss the details of your surgery with you and give you information about the possible outcome. There are several different types of breast reconstruction that can be done, depending upon the circumstances of your injury. Depending on the type of surgery that you undergo, there may be some additional procedures that you will need to participate in after your surgery. These procedures can include anything from nipple repositioning to the repair of blood vessels.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Lucknow

One type of breast reconstruction that is used to make reconstructed breasts appear as though they have been formed naturally is known as breast implantation. In this procedure, silicone implants are placed into the exact spot where natural breasts would appear. There is a lower incidence of adverse reactions to this type of surgical removal. Also, it may be less costly than other surgical options available for repairing damaged or missing breasts. In the case of breast reconstruction that utilizes silicone implants, the procedure uses a two-part approach. First, the implants themselves are implanted. Then, customized silicone shells are used to cover and support the implants. Silicone shells are constructed via surgical procedure and are then placed over the implants. This procedure allows for the placement and support of larger amounts of implants at a cheaper cost than in previous years.

Another surgical alternative for replacing a single breast is known as mastopexy. During this procedure, incisions are made on the natural boundaries of one natural breast. The tissues and skin are then removed and the remaining skin and muscle are folded around the implants. The resulting “breastport” resembles those found after breast reconstruction surgery, but does not have the obvious physical resemblance. As mastopexies are usually more economical, they are popular among patients who desire smaller sizes and younger-looking appearances.

Many different factors will determine which surgical procedure is best for you. Your age, overall health, the amount of pain you’re experiencing, your level of comfort with the outcome (if you desire one) and the surgeon’s experience will all play a role in your final decision. If you’re considering breast reconstruction, it is important to understand your choices and to trust your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. In most instances, a plastic surgeon with many successful results to his name will have several satisfied patients whom he will freely discuss before undertaking your procedure.

One of the most common types of plastic surgery for reconstructing the buttocks area involves reconstruction of the natural breast. If you’re suffering from a mastopexy, the doctor will likely place the reconstructed breast right over your natural breast. You’ll want to choose a size and shape that enhance your natural look and that gives you confidence, as well as the assurance that your new breasts will soon be filling out your clothing and adding a sense of youth to your overall appearance.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Lucknow

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