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Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Lucknow - Why Choose Us?

Cosmetic Surgeons in Lucknow

Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Lucknow

Looking for the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Lucknow? If yes, then you are exactly at the right place because we the Artisan Clinics are the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Lucknow. Artisan Clinic comprises of the qualified plastic surgeons. We do understand that in today’s modern world looks are really a matter of concern for all of us in every day-to-day field. Before going through the procedure, you should be well aware of the method and what will suit you the most. Therefore, the Artisan clinic helps its patients or customers with qualified cosmetic surgeons who make you understand the entire process and will let you know what procedure or what particular thing is best for you.

In other places they might focus on the cookie cutter approach to aesthetics’ but we the Artisan Clinic focuses on personalization and individuality that is we understand what you want, what you desire for and work accordingly so that you are completely satisfied with the treatment we give or offer to you.

Now Cosmetic Surgery is a type of surgery which focuses on enhancing one’s appearance, look but at the same time should be done with all the safety and precautions.

Cosmetic Surgery is a vast branch where the surgery or procedure is to enhance once appearance and are available for almost any part of the body. The results after the cosmetic surgery are permanent so one should be really clear about the process he or she will be going through.

Cosmetic Surgery doesn’t focus only on the facial surgery but as said earlier is a vast field which includes Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Vulvovaginal Surgery, Body Contouring, other Body Contouring procedures, Facial Cosmetic Surgery which includes Eyelid Surgery, Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery, Otoplasty or Ear Surgery, Facelift Surgery, Brow Lift Surgery, Chin Augmentation etc.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Surgery

In Breast Surgery, Breast Augmentation or enlargement is done using silicone gel prosthetics. It is done when a woman is not confident with the breasts she has or they are too small. Also, if one breast is larger than the other or the sizes have changed after pregnancy or breastfeeding then one goes for breast surgery. Breast reduction surgery can help provide relief from physical discomfort. Male breast reduction is also done as some men have big breasts and they do not feel confident with it.


Liposuction is a procedure which is done to remove areas of excess fat. The Artisans clinic provides its patients with BS-LIPS5, state of the art liposuction system. Liposuction has its benefits that is it can help in reducing the stubborn fat stores and other areas with excess fat. Many cosmetic surgeons believe or consider this method as an excellent treatment for cellulite.

Vulvovaginal Surgery

Vulvovaginal Surgery is the surgery of labia minor reduction, labia plastic or labial reduction apart of female genitalia. It aims to reduce elongated labia which is usually a part of vaginoplasty.


Body procedures include Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck which reships the abdomen. Excess skin and fat are removed from the middle and lower abdominal region and this surgery may be suitable after pregnancy or after losing a great amount of weight.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

The Facial Cosmetic Surgery which includes Eyelid Surgery aims to give a better shape to the eyelids as with increasing age the skin becomes loose and the eyes maybe dropping or holding. Eyelid Surgery is a type of surgery which can be considered as both functional surgery and cosmetic surgery or both.

The Rhinoplasty or the Nose Job Surgery is type of surgery which focuses on reshaping or giving a better shape to one’s nose which improves one’s appearance and, in some cases, breathing too.

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery is a type of surgery which reshapes the cartilage and is basically done for treating prominent or mishap in ears. It is generally performed in children after five or six years of age.

Rhytidectomy or Facelift aims in removing wrinkles and tightening facial skin with the help of surgery.

A Brow Lift Surgery is done to lift up the brow so that one looks more presentable and better as compared to ones with forehead wrinkles, worry lines.

Chin Augmentation Surgery is done to make the chin more prominent and to make it look more balanced with the other facial features. The all above stated surgeries like brow lift, facelift, nose job all are done accordingly.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • You should choose us because we are providing you with best personalized attention and care so that you get a reach your aesthetic goals with the help of Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Lucknow.
  • Our staff and our skilled surgeons have helped over 100 of patients in achieving the look they desire for and we are really keen to serve you as well.
  • Our doctors provide you with the support of 24 hours a day, seven days in a week that is they are available to guide you with whatever you require.
  • We have Certified Plastic Surgeons and the best staff which is highly trained and certified at the same time.
  • We really promise to not disappoint you and provide you with the look you desire for, our client or our patient is our priority.

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